SciPhD provides training for scientists who want to transition from academia to non-academic careers. Various workshops, boot camps and certificate programs are designed to offer resources and hands-on training to identify and develop skills in communication, leadership, negotiation, team building, networking, and project management. Workshops introduce job opportunities in industry, and a critical evaluation of students’ skills, all to translate “operational competencies” to SciPhD’s 23 core competencies, valued by hiring companies. Additionally, a focus on resume and interview preparation, as well as networking helps participants to design an individual career action plan. Numerous universities, medical schools, science academies and societies in the US and abroad have hosted SciPhD training programs.

Randall Ribaudo

CEO Human Workflows, LLC, Co-founder

Larry Petcovic

Co-Founder, Vice President for Communications

Todd Pihl

Co-Founder, special advisor