Todd Pihl

Human Workflows LLC co-founder Dr. Todd Pihl has been in the scientific research and biotech fields for over fifteen years. Prior to co-founding Human Workflows, Dr. Pihl worked at Celera Genomics where he served in several roles including customer support, sales support, training, product management of software development and business development for the Informatics business unit. His main role at Celera was to train and guide customers to take full advantage of Celera’s informatics and bioinformatics products and to advise Celera’s engineering groups as to enhancements to Celera product offerings that more fully support customer’s workflows.

Dr. Pihl came to Celera from Bioveris Corp (formerly IGEN International) where he worked on applications utilizing electrochemiluminescence (ECL). Dr. Pihl’s work there focused both on developing assays using ECL as a detection method as well as working with engineers to develop next-generation ECL instruments.

Dr. Pihl has extensive experience as a scientist in the academic sector as well. After performing his graduate work at the Johns Hopkins University on the basic metabolism of bacteria from extreme environments, Dr. Pihl went on to further his research at Ohio State University where he developed a program to study gene regulation in methanogenic bacteria as well as supervised graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Pihl conducted additional research at the National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney diseases at the National Institutes of Health where he focused on small RNA molecules.

Dr. Pihl’s experience as both a developer and consumer of scientific software, data and tools has provided him with a deep understanding of how researchers really work, the types of challenges new products can face when trying to obtain customer acceptance and how to influence and counsel product development teams to maximize customer satisfaction.

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