Project design, structuring and time management with various tools

the difference between milestones and deliverables

How to deal with different situations using you intrapersonal skills (extroversion, intuition.)

Style flexibility and success criteria and assumptions

Success criteria and Gantt charts

Breaking a goal into smaller pathsHow to deal with people and assessing projects.

Probably some of the lingo, and the 3 m&m techniquemanaging risks and having a positive attitude at work

What was the most valuable thing you learned in the series?

thank you so much! Very helpful! I think the emphasis of how social interactions and styles strongly support and increase the likelihood of being successful in meeting your group’s project goals is strong bc we often err on the side of expertise being sufficient to accomplish goals.

The importance of a truly tailored resume ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a connection within the organization you’re applying to. Randy & Larry talked about it (and how Flamingo makes it easier) and several of the VIPs mentioned its importance as well.

I think what really stood out for me was learning about the business side of science, and knowing how/when to switch up the language that I use, or the topics I focus on, based on who I’m talking to within the company.

Breakout rooms were excellent. I loved the VIP session. Really enjoyed getting a chance to network (and you both did an excellent job preparing us!). Regarding the VIP session, pharma/drug discovery is obviously a huge sector of biotech, but I think it could also be beneficial to incorporate a VIP from a biotech that is outside pharma (i.e. Phase Genomics, etc.). But that’s a super minor comment. Overall, the VIP networking event was an excellent opportunity!

“What I learned in the CSO course was very helpful during [my job] selection process (especially everything related to communication), and I hope it will help me to keep my job for a very very long time.”