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Preparing Scientists for Professional Careers

We enable academic scientists to showcase as sought-after talent with well defined business, social, and technical competencies

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(SciPhD is a program of Human Workflows, LLC)

We Prepare Scientists For Professional Careers

Onsite Programs – workshops, boot camps, certificate programs

Online Programs – Flamingo – select a career, prepare skills development plan, prepare targeted resumes

New Online Webinar Program – Brings our new 2 hour training program and Flamingo license to individual scientists!

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SciPhD’s online webinar programs bring our acclaimed training programs, from our half day workshop to our all inclusive Certificate Program to all institutions.  Finding jobs, analyzing jobs, building your brand, and developing a targeted resume, are all part of our newest programs.

Flamingo is SciPhD’s online web application that helps you select a career, find jobs, analyze those jobs to identify the critical skills, generate a targeted resume and get your first job- NOW! Flamingo’s Resources provide in-depth training on the critical business and social skills needed to land your first job.  Flamingo is provided to all attendees of SciPhD on-site and online programs. And individuals can purchase a standalone Flamingo license as well for just $49!

SciPhD’s onsite half day workshops, full day custom programs, 2-day boot camps and our 4 day Certificate Program are designed to offer hands-on training and resources to identify and develop skills in communications, leadership, negotiations, team building, networking, and project management. All SciPhD programs interface with our new Flamingo Online web application to help you get a leg up on your first job.