“The SciPhd and the CSO program gave me the tools and strategies required when I was trying to look for alternative careers. I can testify that it worked in my case. The course helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses which enabled me to focus on amending my resume to showcase how I stand out from the rest of the applicants. I also used several helpful practical advices during my interview which I believe helped me secure my first job in industry. I would sincerely like to thank the SciPhD and CSO team. Keep spreading the knowledge and information. We (post-docs and graduate students) really need it!!”

Gaurav Basu, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA) [During the course] (Translational Research Scientist – Gene Delivery, Intrexon Corporation, Germantown, MD) [Currently]

I am currently at the decision point between an academic and non-academic career. I found this workshop equally useful for both. I learned how to market myself and how to do a basic idea pitch. The skills that I learned in terms of negotiation have already proved useful as I was able to negotiate for a small increase in my base postdoc stipend but also a sizeable moving allowance as I start my first postdoc. The project management topics were useful to get me thinking about all that goes into a new project, and how to start my postdoc on the best footing possible.

postdoctoral fellow

I entered the job market as a recent graduate with an M.S in Engineering Management (which essentially combined engineering skills in bio-technology with business training).  I thought my business background would be an immediate asset for potential employers, but after a few months I quickly realized that was not the case.  To simply put it,  I did not know how to convince employers that a business background would be useful in an engineering/science position.

I then talked to Randy and completed the SciPhD program.  Once I completed the online training and discussed the results with Randy, I learned how to explain my skills using examples from my past research alongside my business training.  The program gave me new confidence in my job search and within two months I had found the perfect job at a large pharma company.

    Thank you SciPhD!

Brian Youchak – Eli Lilly & Company

Shortly after attending the Bootcamp, a friend forwarded to me an ad for an almost perfect job in industry. Using the skills I learned in the Bootcamp to identify the critical competencies described in the ad, I sent off a vastly improved cover letter and the hiring manager responded immediately to schedule a phone interview. Prior to the phone and group interviews, I found myself going back to the Bootcamp materials to review the rules and protocols espoused by the Bootcamp leaders. I was also better prepared for the business aspects of the interview, having learned some of the business jargon, perspectives, and expectations. Overall, I found the Bootcamp enjoyable and worthwhile!

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Colorado, Denver

I want to get an industrial job after I complete my PhD however I lacked knowledge about efficient networking techniques, building targeted resume and how to demonstrate skills which the industry values. This bootcamp is all that and much more!!!! I not only learned these things but I also learned how to negotiate, basics
about project management and things which I didn’t even know were so important. I would totally recommend this workshop.

PhD candidate, University of Chicago