“What I learned in the CSO course was very helpful during [my job] selection process (especially everything related to communication), and I hope it will help me to keep my job for a very very long time.”

“Both Randy and Larry were super-approachable and available for individual discussions after class. -The venue was beautiful–even though I was tired at the end of the day, I looked forward to going to class. -For me, taking the course coincided with my academic job search and the interview process. The course really kept me in the mindset of transitioning to becoming a faculty member. Soon after the course ended, I got my first offer! -Thanks to the course content, I now feel prepared to manage my own lab.”

“The Scientist to CSO course has helped me broaden my horizons. As scientists, we tend to spend almost all our time in our little cocoons. The Scientist to CSO course introduced me to several important and broadly relevant concepts in the management of both people and projects and I have found these ideas extremely beneficial in my current activities as a research scientist in industry.”

“It helped me to develop the soft skills better on a broad scale, facilitate interactions in the academic environment, raise awareness when interacting with people from industry, finance, etc., improve managerial skills on the day-to-day basis and especially become savvier when negotiating things, applying for a job, getting the resume in tiptop cutting edge format”

“The class gives you the frameworks that help understand where scientists fit within business realms, and gives one the vocabulary to describe things one already does in a business-friendly way. This class, unlike anything offered by university career services, helps to understand how, as a PhD, one is seen by the business people. It gives students both the knowledge about the business world and the confidence to go for it. I would highly recommend the class.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this great course at the New York Academy of Sciences! I enjoyed taking these classes with you [Tom Magaldi], Larry and Randy! I attribute the success of my key [job] interview in large part to speaking with Randy three days before meeting with my [hiring] manager, as well as the overall class content.”

“The course helped me understand how to translate the skills I have from my research and make it applicable to industry, especially for non-research positions. I used these skills in applying for the position I’m currently being considered and expecting an offer for. I now have a better understanding of interpersonal communication and the forces that govern it. I’ve always thought of myself as a good communicator, but Larry and Randy showed me important nuances that made me even better. It helped me understand the road-blocks to effectively communicating with and developing a student I had been supervising!”

“The best part of this assessment is that it makes you think and analyze yourself, which we do not do very often and leave it for our employers to do that. I like the way it correlates your positives with the demands of the company and indicates the possible alternatives.  I know what is best for me based on this assessment and I am going to concentrate my efforts that way. Thank you so much for showing me the right path!”

faculty, Oklahoma City Community College