Take the SciPhD online assessment training course and outline your business skills. Use the language that business scores high. Develop your science and social experiences that are the story of your success. Be ready to show how you add value to your next business partner (employer). You can get the course for the cost of one book – $19.95. Is your next job worth the investment?

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The SciPhD Training programs are all based on 24 core business competencies that are valued by industry for entry level positions. These are the skills that correlate with success in competing for entry level industry positions and being successful in those positions.
The SciPhD Online Self-Assessment training course introduces each of these 24 competencies, relates them to experiences academic scientists have already had, and assists you in scoring your ability in each of these areas.  You will also “develop experience statements” that are practical demonstrations of your competency in each area.
A detailed report will match your skills against the typical requirements for different kinds of jobs in different kinds of companies and can be used for developing targeted resumes, interview preparation, and career planning.