Financial Literacy


Fundamental to the two rules of business is the basic understanding of finance and business performance. Finance at the basic level is generally thought of as revenue (income) and profit or loss.  And there is also the question of equity (ownership value in dollars) and “how do we pay the bills” and still have money in the bank?  Should you join a start-up or a legacy Pharma company?  How does your personal risk vary with the financial health of a company?  Is there a competitive interview advantage in knowing how EBITDA  is used in business?  And finally, you will hear financial language such as mergers, acquisitions, private equity company, a roll-up, shareholders dividends, cash flow, balance sheet, series C funding, IPO and more…. that are fundamental to knowing the future of your employer and your own career.  If you want the answers to these questions, then continue to explore this resource on Financial Literacy.