Flamingo now uses AI to integrate the job ad’s specific technical, business, and social requirements with your own experiences and accomplishments to create a powerful and accurate Summary of Qualifications at the top of your resume that clearly demonstrates how you are qualified for the job!

Flamingo Pro has everything in Flamingo plus SciPhDs On-Demand Business of Science Certificate Program so you can learn all the skills and techniques taught in our institutional training programs.

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SciPhD has taken our twelve years of experience offering on-site training programs at over 120 research institutions across the US to create Flamingo- our new online web application that brings the SciPhD “Get That Job” experience to the desktop. Flamingo can help you figure out what kinds of jobs excite you, guide you in importing and analyzing job descriptions using our Job Analytics Engine to identify the critical skills, and will help create a targeted resume to help you Get That Job! Click on the workflow that most closely matches your situation below to learn how Flamingo can help you get a leg up on your career!

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SciPhD Flamingo provides the tools to get your first job!  You can use Flamingo to select a career, develop critical business and social skills, and Get That Job NOW!  You can use Flamingo’s Jobs Analytics Engine for as many different jobs as you like – whatever it takes to get your “leg up” on the competition and land that JOB you really want!  This is a one-time purchase.  There are no recurring subscription fees.



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