Calculate My Financial Needs

Finding your first job must consider not only what kind of work you would like to do, but also must consider how much money you need in order to survive and thrive. Learn the difference between salary and total compensation, and how you can negotiate with your future boss so that you are compensated at a level so that you can meet your financial obligations.


How to get the most out of the video package

First, you need to know how much it costs you to live. There’s no point in applying for jobs that don’t get you the minimum cash you need! The first video will show you the many components of your total compensation beyond your actual salary and discuss strategies for getting what you need. Use the included worksheet in order to calculate an estimate of those financial needs. The second video is an introduction to understanding of how finance and money works in corporations that will start you on the road to financially literacy.

What Are You Worth – Your Total Compensation – If you ask the question, “What’s my salary?” you are broadcasting to the nonacademic world that you don’t have a clue about compensation in the world of business. Every job has a value range and that’s what you are worth to a business (unless you are an owner).  We cover the common ways you earn money (about 12), how Human Resources sets a base salary and how to research compensation for a job/company and determine your worth.  Your initial job title and compensation set your base for the future – so get your full value!!
Financial Acumen – Developing a basic understanding of financial language is a must for almost any science role in business.  This program recommends basic financial references, walks through the financial results for a small diagnostic company, and is a first step in building your financial acumen.

Other than our videos, here are some resources you can use to gain more information regarding this topic. We will be adding more over time, so make sure to come back to this page. If you find some interesting resource and would like us to consider to post it here, send us a message by clicking here.


HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers (HBR Guide Series) – Harvard Business Review


The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers 3/E (McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Courses)

These SciPhD documents become available with the purchase of the videos.

Total Compensation Worksheet