SciPhD Virtual Private Talent Showcase

SciPhD-Trained Fast-track Business-Ready Scientists Available NOW!

SciPhD trains top PhD level scientists from some of the best institutions across the US to be “business-ready”.  Through our on-site and online training programs, we teach our scientists essential business and social skills valued by professional organizations.  Business skills include project management, risk management, strategic planning, financial acumen, and continuous improvement.  Social skills include the communications skills emotional intelligence, social intelligence, technical literacy, and style flexibility.  Our scientists also learn to be effective managers and leaders by applying those communications skills to mentor, motivate, negotiate, and delegate.  SciPhD business-ready talent will hit the ground running and elevate any organization fortunate enough to have them on their team.

SciPhD is now introducing a novel and more efficient approach to sourcing excellent PhD talent by tapping into our SciPhD graduate network. Through our “SciPhD Virtual Private Talent Showcases” you will have access to SciPhD graduates who are business-ready, have expressed an interested in your company, and are available to hire.

Typical SciPhD Talent Profiles

Scientific Disciplines

Desired Career Path

Why Our Candidates are Different

What are the qualifications of a SciPhD Business-Ready Scientist?

  • Highly technically skilled and accomplished
  • Team-oriented
  • Experience and accomplishment oriented

What they’ve Experienced

  • Project Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • Team Performance

What You Get

  • Targeted Resumes specific for your job requirements
  • Experience-based demonstrations of business and social competencies
  • Multiple candidates matched to your requirements to evaluate
  • Candidate pool that facilitates your ability to choose the best fit for your needs

Fast track-

In just a 1-hour online event, you get:

  • Opportunity to present your company to all candidates at start of program
  • Exposure to multiple pre-qualified business-ready candidates
  • Private* Zoom breakout rooms to meet with all candidates
  • A low-risk and high-quality time investment to hone in on outstanding potential new hires
  • Access to candidates who are ready to work NOW

For more information and to sign up for a SciPhD Virtual Private Talent Showcase, send an e-mail to