The importance of a truly tailored resume ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a connection within the organization you’re applying to. Randy & Larry talked about it (and how Flamingo makes it easier) and several of the VIPs mentioned its importance as well.

I think what really stood out for me was learning about the business side of science, and knowing how/when to switch up the language that I use, or the topics I focus on, based on who I’m talking to within the company.

Breakout rooms were excellent. I loved the VIP session. Really enjoyed getting a chance to network (and you both did an excellent job preparing us!). Regarding the VIP session, pharma/drug discovery is obviously a huge sector of biotech, but I think it could also be beneficial to incorporate a VIP from a biotech that is outside pharma (i.e. Phase Genomics, etc.). But that’s a super minor comment. Overall, the VIP networking event was an excellent opportunity!