These FREE videos address the major concerns of academic scientists considering careers in industry.

Over-qualified & Under-experienced

When and why is a PhD not enough?

How much experience do I need and what kind?

Why and how is science in academia different from industry?

What particular skills is industry interested in and how do I get them?

Prior Industry Experience

Do companies really require prior industry experience?

How can you get a job without prior industry experience?

What are the parallels between academia and industry experience?

How do you analyze a job ad for required skills?

Job Security

Why do people lose their job?

How can you avoid losing your job?

How can you demonstrate your value to a company?

Culture Shock

What is culture shock?

What are similarities between academia and industry?

What are differences?

How to prepare for the different cultures?

Time Flexibility

What are the differences in time flexibility between academia and industry?

Why is academia so much more flexible?

Why is industry less flexible?

How is work-life balance in industry?

Can't Go Back

Is it true that once you leave academia, you can’t go back?

What are the things that will stand in the way of a return?

What are the advantages of going to industry?

If people come back to academia, what positions do they get?

Visa Issues

What are the options to study or work in the US?

What does it take to get a visa?

What are the differences among visa categories?

Where do I get more information?

How do I improve my chances to get a work visa?