Communications and Project Management for Scientists


How to Land Your First Job
(with Flamingo Training)


Completing these two online programs qualifies you for our SciPhD Talent Showcases where you can meet with hiring managers of companies who are searching for new talent.

“Communications & Project Management for Scientists”

4 Hr Webinar

Two essential elements in being competitive in the professional world are your ability to effectively communicate with others in a team-based environment, and the ability to be results driven by demonstrating your ability to apply the principles of project management to your every day work.

In SciPhDs newest experiential online program we will spend 2 hours on the essential communications skills necessary to mentor and motivate others, manage difficult relationships, and always communicate in a way that demonstrates a shared sense of purpose using both emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

In our 2 hour project management session we will focus on the tools and practice of delivering projects on time, on budget and meeting objectives.  You will experience best practices used to anticipate and manage risk, and become familiar with the tools available to manage your project, and your team.

“How to Land Your First Job”

2 Hr Webinar

Includes Permanent Flamingo License

Getting your PhD is hard work and so is getting your first job!  We at SciPhD know that having a targeted  2 page resume for a specific job that presents your technical, business, and social qualifications gives you the best opportunity to land that job. Flamingo is our web app that coaches you through our 5 step process of tailoring your resume for that coveted first job.  For just $19, SciPhD’s 2 hour live interactive webinar trains you how to use Flamingo to accomplish the following:

  1. Find a job that interests you
  2. Identify the job requirements using our Jobs Analytics Engine
  3. Match your skills and experiences to the job requirements
  4. Demonstrate your accomplishments that confirm the relevant skills
  5. Organize your skills and accomplishments into a targeted resume that presents your competitive advantage
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SciPhD’s “How to Land Your First Job”  2-hour webinar engages you through the application of Flamingo as you navigate these five steps and generate a targeted resume.  Upon completion of the webinar, you will receive a permanent license to Flamingo (a $99.00 value) and become a member of the SciPhD community.  Just click on the link above and sign up to get a leg up on your first job.

“Communications and Project Management for Scientists” provides you with the essential tools to effectively work in team-based environments and demonstrate that you know how to deliver high quality work on time.

Completing both webinar programs makes you eligible to participate in SciPhDs Experience-Based Talent Showcases.  These virtual events match you up with hiring managers from companies looking for talent.  You will be able to meet with these company representatives and demonstrate why you are best for the positions they are looking to fill.